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Beast Runners 跑山獸

1 week 3 days ago

Beast Runners 跑山獸

3 weeks 4 days ago

Beast Runners 跑山獸 in 2021
wish you best in new year

Beast Runners 跑山獸

3 weeks 5 days ago

TBT2020 Virtual Challenge LUCKY DRAW

sorry for leetting this to the end of year, TBT met many problems...
All information and all results here: beast.run/VC/
Winner of lucky draw, please contact us via email, info@beast.run

thank you for support of Beast Runners and see you in Beast Runners 跑山獸 events 2021

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1 month 2 weeks ago

Beast Runners 跑山獸

1 month 3 weeks ago

Formosa Trail 2020 PHOTOS
Thanks lot 🥰to our photographers on course of beautiful Formosa Trail to capture your memories in pictures.
5th Formosa Trail in tough year of 2020 was successful.
Please like, tag your running buddy, SHARE the beauty,...


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1 month 3 weeks ago

Trail Running events are not only about course, but about people.
over 3 days Formosa Trail had ~120 volunteers and supporters. To give full care on course and great show in event base took so much effort but we all love it.
see you next year or earlier

Beast Runners 跑山獸

1 month 3 weeks ago

Lost and found in Formosa Trail
Contact us if yours

Beast Runners 跑山獸 is at 埔里鯉魚潭 天泉溫泉會館.

3 months 2 days ago

今天來鯉魚潭來參加國際健走活動,最開心遇到#南投野鳥學會,我們非常喜歡大自然,每到戶外遇到美麗的鳥類,都會像孩子一樣欣奇又興奮,尤其記得在我國中的時期,我們的國文老師帶著我們一群孩子們騎著單車到埔里郊區去觀賞美麗的候鳥,真的讚嘆大自然是無限的豐富美好,讓我們一起來守護及愛護這些美麗的資產,歡迎加入#南投野鳥學會,學會常常會有戶外活動帶我們一同探索豐富美麗的大自然,邀請喜歡大自然的朋友們一起加入及探索~ 🥰




Beast Runners 跑山獸

3 months 5 days ago

Formosa Trail 2020 - TRANSPORTATION

this year is possible order only following shuttle buses, if you still need some please do not hesitate order now. There are only few left in each time.

FRIDAY 27/11/2020
🚌🕤9:30am Friday from Taipei 周五早上9:30台北車站東3門
🚌🕑2pm Friday from Taipei 周五下午2點台北車站東3門
🚌🕔5pm Friday from Taipei 周五下午5點台北車站東3門
🚌🕖7pm Friday from Taipei 周五下午7點台北車站東3門

SATURDAY (from Puli center to race start)
🚐3:00am (optimal for 75 and 104km)
🚐4:30am (optimal for 40km)
🚐6:45am (optimal for 8 and 16km start)

SUNDAY 29/11/2020
🚌🕐1pm bus back to Taipei

more about transportation:

directly order in Beast eShop (possible pay credit card):

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