How To Register

  1. UNDERSTAND difficulty and risk of event
    1. read general rules
    2. understand Entry Disclaimer
  2. REGISTER – follow registrations over payment option to “Thank you” page and receive email
    • Paypal (+4.5%, not work in Taiwan, please use ATM or banking) → done (waiting for confirmation email)
    • ATM → follow instruction in email (“Registration Pending Payment”)
  4. CONFIRMATION – via email

ATM payment

  • please find instruction in email (check SPAM folder)
  • pay to E.sun account (808) / 0554-940-006524
  • upload proof of payment
    • (you may skip this if you notify last 5 digits of your account during registration)
    • Primary Registration ID and Code will find in email
  • in one week (usually less) you will receive payment confirmation email and each registrant will receive approved Complete Registration email with registration details


  • some event required certain Performance Index (PI) of ITRA. Please be sure you fill up correctly your english given name and surname, ITRA general PI and link to your ITRA record
  • if you did not see Thank You page you will not receive email and your registration is not complete and you will not receive email