Proof of Payment (ATM)


  • Send your proof of payment (ATM transfers)
  • 寄出付款證明(於銀行轉賬)
  • Primary Registration ID and Code” received via email (please check SPAM folder)
  • “Primary Registration ID and Code” 由email寄送(請確認垃圾箱)
  • 在註冊時輸入正確”銀行後五碼”即可忽略此步驟
  • You may skip this upload if you input correct “Your Bank Account Last 5 Digits” during registration


    Primary Registration ID:

    Primary Registration Code:

    您轉出帳戶的後5碼 / Your Bank Account Last 5 Digits:

    名字 (請以英語拼音輸入) / English Given name

    姓氏 (請以英語拼音輸入) / English Family name

    中文全名 / Chinese name

    信箱 / Email @

    Upload proof / 款證明 (if available) (<1MB, .jpg, .png, .pdf)