Formosa Trail 2020

7IMPORTANT NOTICE for OVERSEAS: Taiwan is currently lock down for travelers without residency. Even Taiwan will open for some travelers will have to stay in 2 weeks quarantine. This situation may change after summer. Please do NOT register unless you are sure you can participate in event. There will not be refunds if you register in period of Taiwan under lock down for travelers.

  • Event website:
  • Date: 28th November 2020
    • 27th November 2020 – EXPO and race pack pickup in 天水蓮大飯店 Lake Side hotel
    • 28th November 2020 – Race Day (all distances) in 天泉溫泉會館 Solas hotel
    • 29th November 2020 – Celebration in 天泉溫泉會館 Solas hotel
  • notice:
    • * in case of outbreak or similar reason Sunday Celebration will be canceled and 16 and 8km will start Sunday
    • ** 天泉溫泉會館 Solas hotel is available for booking
  • Distance:
    • 104km Formosa Ultra-Trail® (ITRA-3 required, start 4:00am)
    • 75km Formosa Trail (ITRA-2 required, start 4:00am)
    • 40km Formosa Trail (ITRA-1 required*, start 5:30am)
      • in case of WAITING LIST registration FT40: link here
      • please input your name and email (do not use yahoo and hotmail)
      • if spot is released you will receive notification and have to register withing 48hours
      • Significant runner (ITRA 550+) or elite and overseas players may contact us via email and we will give you priority on waiting list
      • if you already registered and cannot attend you cannot pass your spot to friend but apply for 50% refund before 31/8/2020
    • 16km Formosa Trail (start 8:00am)
    • 8km Formosa Trail (start 8:30am)
  • ITRA Performance Index (General)
    • *Don’t have ITRA ranking, but other relevant trail running/fast hiking experiences AND understand the difficulty of the event? Contact us!
    • *如果您沒有ITRA的積分,但是有其他相關越野/路跑/疾速健行的經驗,而且了解這活動的困難度?歡迎與我們連繫。
    • ELITE athletes
      • ITRA 700+ for man*
      • ITRA 580+ for woman*
      • OR runners who are among the top 5 of their country*
      • *free entry for 75km or 104km / up to 2 elite of one nationality / be present in press conference to which are invited
      • for more instruction and conditions please visit registration page
    • Feel free contact us
  • Registration periods
    • Standard Period 2020-6-25 10:00 ~ 2020-8-31 23:55 (or fill up capacity)
    • Late Bird 2020-9-1 ~ 2020-9-30 23:55 (or fill up capacity, T-shirt option limited)
    • please read rules, entry disclaimer, insurance and refund mechanism before sign up:
  • FT is included in BEAST Slam 2020 series
    • FT104, FT75, FT40 – BEAST Slam ULTRA
    • FT40, FT16 – BEAST Slam RAPID
    • All distances are count towards BEAST LOYALTY (include DNF and DNS)
  • Formosa Trail
    28/11/2020 - 29/11/2020
    04:00 - 12:00



  • address (chinese): 545南投縣埔里鎮鯉魚路37之1號
  • address (english): No. 37之1號, Liyu Road, Puli Township, Nantou County, 545
  • location (google map):